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Welcome to a revolution in STEM education

We bring the fascinating world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) into your classrooms. Our focus is on getting your students hands-on experience with developing robotics and artificial intelligence systems right from the ground up.

Founded by Hassan Mirza MSci MSc PGCE PhD, the purpose of HM Robotics is simple: we want to help students of all ages access the world’s fastest growing industry and equip them with the skills of the future.

HM Robotics brings all lesson plans, resources, assessment material, robot kits and ICT hardware right to your door. It’s all hands-on for your students, and completely hands-off for you!

Hassan Mirza Msci MSc PGCE PhD

How our service works

At HM Robotics, we don’t take an either/or approach. Your students will benefit from a unique STEM learning experience, which is a blend of digital learning activities and practical engineering exercises.

All of our courses are delivered in your classrooms by instructors via our secure online portal, powered by Moodle. We provide all teaching and assessment materials (including robot kits and ICT hardware), which are put together by a passionate team of fully-qualified UK teachers, robotics engineers and digital learning experts.

Once you choose us, we provide:

  • teaching and assessment resources created by fully-qualified UK teachers
  • robot kits (15 per class) as well as Laptops / iPads (15 per class)
  • courses aligned with the UK national curriculum where applicable
  • streamlined course progression through the academic years
  • fully-qualified and vetted instructors who are dedicated to bringing the best out of every student

Ready to come onboard?

Taking our courses puts your students ahead of the curve in STEM while also setting them up for success in a future shaped by robotics and AI.