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STEM courses from KS2 to KS5+

Our courses combine theory with practical engineering exercises, from beginner level at KS2 all the way to advanced level at KS5 and beyond.

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Block programming (KS2 – KS4)

Procedural and OOP (KS4 – KS5+)

Advanced robotics (KS5+)

All year round learning

6 weeks

Half term

12 weeks

Full term

37 weeks

Full academic year

We also offer courses for half term breaks, Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays.

What I saw when I walked into your robotics class was fantastic. The class was totally immersed and engaged, and I was so pleased when a student proudly showed me his working built robot!

Your lesson inspired me to the point that I’ve ordered an Arduino robot kit, which I am very much looking forward to building myself!

Thomas H, Leigh Academy Trust

Build your students’ future

With courses that are proven to inspire children and adults alike, your students can expect to learn:

  • How to solve complex problems through programming
  • How to build, program and test simple robotic systems
  • The application of maths and physics to solve real-life problems
  • Practical engineering skills (mechanics, design and electronics)
  • How AI (artificial intelligence) allows machines to think for themselves
  • The skills needed for a future driven by AI

Above all, taking our courses puts your students ahead of the curve in STEM while also setting them up for success in a future that will be shaped by robotics and AI.

    Our packages


    best for Primary School Level

      • 1 hour lesson once a week (per class)
      • All teaching and learning resources through online software
      • In-class formative assessment
      • Class set of ICT hardware
      • Class set of robot kits
      • Block-based programming
      • Primary (KS2) level courses with Lego Spike Prime
      • A fully qualified, vetted and trained UK teacher


    for Secondary / 6th Form Schools

    All items in the Silver package, plus:

    • Online student progress tracking and monitoring
    • Weekly feedback to parents/carers
    • MDM software to ensure student safety online
    • Wider coverage of STEM topics, particularly in robotics and AI
    • Python programming: procedural and simple OOP
    • KS3 to KS5 level courses based on Lego Spike Prime
    • Weekly homework tasks for independent learning


    for Engineering UTCs & University

    All items in the Silver and Gold packages, plus:

    • Advanced mechatronic engineering with Arduino & Raspberry Pi
    • Building electronic circuits with breadboards and soldering
    • Mechanical and manufacturing engineering, including 2D/3D CAD and 3D printing
    • Systems engineering: designing and building custom robots from scratch
    • Creating custom robot software using Linux, ROS and Python
    • Integration engineering: unifying custom robot software and hardware

    Bespoke packages are also available.

    Please contact us to learn more.

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    Taking our courses puts your students ahead of the curve in STEM while also setting them up for success in a future shaped by robotics and AI.